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Lawrence Estate Planning Lawyer

Lawrence Estate Planning Lawyer Michael J. Hurley, provides comprehensive estate planning services including Wills, Living Trusts and Probate services. We also help individuals, professionals and businesses with succession planning in Lawrence and all of Massachusetts from our Lawrence-close office in North Andover, or our downtown office in Boston, MA.

As an experienced Lawrence estate planning lawyer, Mr. Hurley works closely with clients to fully catalog their assets and understand their goals as pertains to their heirs and beneficiaries. If a business or income properties are involved, Michael can help you develop succession planning such that your temporary incapacitation or passing will not cripple the business or income generation. To discuss your Lawrence estate planning matters, call Michael for a no cost phone consultation today.

We Can Work Remotely – We Offer Expedited Wills and Trusts

Lawrence Estate Planning Lawyer - working remotelyIn today’s age of shopping from home and having everything brought to our door, it is good to know that most estate planning services can be done completely remotely. More than 50% of or clients have never sat down across the desk, yet they receive the same sophisticated legal services. Michael is very much aware that many Wills and Living Trust are urgent and time-sensitive. We receive many ‘last minute’ request for estate planning documents when someone has a serious hospital surgery scheduled or following an unexpected illness or accident.

We Can Come to Your Home, Office, Hospital Room or Nursing Home

Image of Hospital RoomYou do not need to travel to our offices in North Andover or Boston! We can get the process going over the phone and complete it remotely. If you need to meet in person, Michael J. Hurley can arrange a visit to your home, work, hospital room or nursing home. If the clock is running and you’re concerned about time – CALL US. Let’s see if our compassionate and caring firm can meet your expectations. That’s why we’re in this business!

Estate Plans Tailored to Your Unique Needs & Goals

Planning your estate involves some difficult decisions about private matters related to the disbursement of your property and assets. Lawrence Estate Planning attorney, Michael J. Hurley, will work closely with you to develop an estate plan that will address your concerns, which may include:

  • Disposition of your estate
  • Health care decisions
  • Guardianships
  • Asset protection, asset management & the division of assets
  • Tax considerations

The Five Essential Estate Planning Documents

  • Wills — A will is a legal document used to express your last wishes. It dictates how your estate will be allocated after death.
  • Durable Powers of Attorney — This gives an individual the ability to make decisions in the case that you become incapacitated and cannot handle matters yourself.
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney — This legal document allows you to appoint a trustee to make decisions about your healthcare if you become unable to do so.
  • Living Will — This legal document states your expressed wishes for medical care if you were to be under certain medical circumstances.
  • Revocable Living Trust — This is a popular estate planning tool (called a ‘Living Trust’) used to determine who gets your estate after your death.
    • As a local Lawrence estate planning lawyer with an office a few miles down the road in North Andover, my clients include individuals, families, small business owners, professionals, corporate executives, and other high net worth individuals whose estates are subject to sizeable estate taxes. Many Massachusetts high net worth individuals will benefit from a new law that doubled key exemptions.

      2018 Gift & Estate Tax exemptions DOUBLE

      Fortunately for high net worth individuals and families, new IRS Estate Tax laws passed in 2018, doubled the estate-tax and gift-tax exemption to a combined amount that applies to an individual’s gifts made during their lifetime or assets left at one’s death to $11.2 million per individual or $22.4 million per married couple.

      While new laws have made the window, larger some will still benefit from drafting a more sophisticated estate plan which can help minimize or eliminate estate taxes.

      • Irrevocable Trusts
      • Tax Minimization via Gifting Strategies
      • Asset protection
      • IRA minimum distributions
      • Multi-generational IRA planning
      • Medicaid Nursing Home Eligibility Planning
      • Business Succession Planning

      Considering the new 2018 doubling of gift and estate taxes to $11.2 million per individual and $22.4 million per married couple, Michael J. Hurley can counsel you on gifting strategies to take advantage of these gifting exclusion amounts to further reduce tax liability.

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