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I have worked with Michael on two separate issues over the last 12 months. In each case attorney Hurley had the quickest and most concise responses to what was needed. High degree of professionalism and nearly complete accessibility. Pleasure to work with. Thanks –Joseph Sweeney

Joseph Sweeney

Attorney Hurley was very easy to do business with and accommodating to busy schedules. He is very responsive to questions and explanations. He returns calls quickly, sets expectations, and delivers on-time. –Alex Vispoli

Alex Vispoli

I worked with Michael few weeks ago and I can’t say anything but he is a great professional and dedicated person I highly recommend. — Rita Reinya Kitabjian

Rita Reinya Kitabjian

I worked with Michael on a project recently and he was the definition of professionalism. I know that he would apply the same level of professionalism to your case as he did working on our project together. –Jeremy Francis

Jeremy Francis

Moved here in 2017. Michael Hurley did my brother-in-law’s estate plan which he raved about. I compared his to my old, now defunct plan and he was right. Mr. Hurley’s package of documents is far more thorough and detailed than mine from Arizona. I’ve already made my choice. See you soon. –Kevin Beckel

Kevin Beckel

Excellent Estate Planning Attorney. Mike was very helpful with my estate planing needs. His fee for the service was reasonable. Highly recommended! –Colleen


Mike was very helpful with my estate planning needs. He walked me through all aspects of the documents and made sure that I understood everything as we went through. His fee for the services was reasonable and his work was thorough. –Elizabeth